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Bill Cash MP opposes proposals for methane gas exploration in Tittensor

Press release 01/12/09

In response to Greenpark Energy’s planning application for methane gas exploration in Tittensor, Bill Cash MP said
“I support my constituents in their objections to these proposals.”
“It is not clear how many sites are proposed in addition to the exploration at Groundslow Farm and Knowl Wall Farm. Will there be more at Spotacre, Hilderstone and close to Swynnerton? The County Council needs to provide guidance on this.
“The applications often do not even seem to reflect the local conditions, the proposed site is close to local properties, the noise levels are based on an inaccurate assessment, the drilling rig appears to be inside the recommended 250m zone from dwelling properties and if methane gas is discovered, it is not clear where the exit pipeline will run.”
“Furthermore, there is no clarity on whether alternative sites have been considered along the extensive underlying shale bed in the local area. Winghouse Lane, where there have already been several road traffic accidents this year, is not built to take wide farm vehicles, commuter traffic and 40 heavy goods vehicles day. It would be dangerous if heavy goods vehicles end up passing through Tittensor Village, where there is a primary school.”
“I have of course written to Staffordshire County Council to ask them to look into those concerns.”

Bill Cash MP gravely concerned at Nuon’s revised proposal for Poplar Lane

Press release 04/09/09       

After hearing the news that, after the Public Inquiry in May 2009, Nuon UK is now considering a “revised proposal that can achieve the production of clean energy at the Poplar Lane site”, local MP, Bill Cash said “I am extremely concerned that Nuon has taken the decision to work vigorously towards a new proposal, despite all the local opposition and despite its rejection at the Public Inquiry.
“I do not know how a renewables company can do this, or the Government can allow this sort of activity. We have followed all the local and central government procedures for years to oppose this application for wind turbines and I will continue to fight every step of the way to stop any wind turbine application happening on this turf.
“I have written to Nuon asking for them to elaborate on their suggestion that they are going to reopen the proposals for a Polar Lane site.”
Following the Public Inquiry in May 2009, Nuon UK Ltd was surprised by Mr Cookson’s (the Planning Inspector) decision, not to reverse the refusal by Members of the former North Shropshire District Council (NSDC) planning committee to grant permission to build a wind farm at Poplar Lane near Woore.
Nuon UK Ltd understandably disagrees with Mr Cookson’s conclusions but it is satisfied that his decision is lawful and therefore will not be challenged. 
Not withstanding the position taken by Mr Cookson, given the substantial body of professional opinion that supported building the proposed wind farm at Poplar Lane, Nuon feels that it is appropriate to consider the possibilities for a redesigned wind farm at Poplar Lane which addresses the Inspector’s concerns.
In the wider context, Mr Cookson’s decision has not altered the fact that there is an acute need to consider options for building renewable energy supply within the Region. Currently the West Midlands Region is woefully behind its targets. This begs a question, if not Poplar Lane where else? Nuon is therefore assessing whether a revised proposal can achieve the production of clean energy at the Poplar Lane site having regard to both the extensive body of work to date and the outcome of the Appeal.  The decision to either come forward with a revised application or withdraw completely will not be taken lightly but Nuon is working vigorously towards that decision and will keep people informed.

Bill Cash MP fights for recognition of contamination and wildlife concerns at proposed Blythe Park power station site

Press release 19/10/09

Following constituent’s concerns that the proposed site for Blythe Park power station may be on contaminated land and wildlife concerns, Bill Cash asked local authorities and the Environment Agency to recognise those concerns, as the proposal for the power station goes forward. Cash said:
“As a result of my investigations on behalf of my constituents, I have received two letters today. The first is from the Environment Agency. The Agency has said that the issues of contaminated land, biodiversity and wildlife concerns – which I had raised earlier – should be addressed in an Environment Impact Assessment. It has gone on to say that it will review the impact assessment in due course, and will provide further comments on any specific areas of concern.
“The letter I have received from Staffordshire Moorlands District Council confirms that there are indeed issues over contamination as a result of its former use as a colour works. My constituents were right to raise this serious concern and further investigations are needed. Given that this site is on the Council’s list of sites for concern due to contamination, this proposal must go no further.”
“I also note the view of the Council’s planning officers in not supporting this application, but it now falls to the Department of Energy and Climate Change to determine the application and they must reject this proposal immediately.”

Bill Cash MP congratulates Staffordshire Turbine Action Group

Press release 14/09/09       

In response to a fun day organised at the village hall, in Uttoxeter Road, on Saturday September 12, Checkley MP, Bill Cash said:
“I really must congratulate Staffordshire Turbine Action Group and everyone involved for the excellent organisation of the fun and information day on Saturday.
“I was very impressed with how much effort had gone into the event. I have always opposed Severn Trent Water putting up a 60-metre anemometer at Checkley Sewage Works and will continue to support and maintain further opposition to wind turbines in Checkley and elsewhere in my constituency.”

Bill Cash MP condemns Severn Trent proposals for Aston Grange

Press release 19/06/09       

Bill Cash has met with the campaign leaders of the coordinating group on Aston Grange wind turbines.
Mr. Cash said “I will fight tooth and nail against the proposals. Seven Trent’s proposals are irresponsible and contrary to public interest.
“They are backed by subsidies and will have the affect of destroying the environment in the whole of the Aston area and Stone itself.”
“I will fight the proposals all the way. I will appear at any public inquiry and will do everything personally to stop this desecration of Stone taking place.”

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