Wednesday, March 21, 2018
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Bill Cash MP
for Stone

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Political biography

Political biography


  • 2010 re-elected MP for Stone
  • 2005 re-elected MP for Stone
  • 2001 re-elected MP for Stone
  • 1997 elected MP for Stone
  • 1992 re-elected MP for Stafford
  • 1987 re-elected MP for Stafford
  • 1984 elected MP for Stafford

Parliamentary Committees:

  • European Scrutiny Committee (formerly Select Committee on European Legislation) 1985 to present
  • All-Party Parliamentary Kenya Group (Chairman) 1987 to present
  • All-Party Parliamentary Uganda Group (Chairman) 1988 to present
  • All-Party Parliamentary Group for Malaysia (Chairman) 2006 to present
  • All-Party Parliamentary Group on Water and Sanitation in the Third World (Chairman) 2007 to present
  • All-Party Parliamentary Tanzania Group (Vice-Chairman) 1986 to present
  • All-Party Group for the Jubilee 2000 Coalition (reduction of Third World debt) (Chairman) 1997 to 2003
  • Conservative Backbench Committee of European Affairs (Chairman) 1988 to 1991
  • Conservative MPs’ European Affairs Committee (Chairman) 1989 to 1991
  • Conservative MPs’ Constitutional Affairs Committee (Secretary / Vice Chairman) 1987 to 1991
  • Select Committee on Statutory Instruments 1986 to 1991
  • All-Party Widows and Single Parent Family Group 1985 to 1991
  • Select Committee on Employment 1989 to 1990
  • Conservative Small Business Bureau (Vice President) 1986 to 1989

 Extra-Parliamentary Activities:

  • European Foundation (Founder and Chairman) 1993 to present
  • Parliamentary Friends of Bruges Group (Chairman) 1989 to 1999
  • Executive Council, Royal Commonwealth Society 1984 to 1986



In Parliament

  • Leaving the Eu: Uk Ports (Customs) | Commons debates
    Last week, my European Scrutiny Committee met Mr Michel Barnier in Brussels. Tonight, my Committee will issue a report on Brexit in the context of the UK ports and customs issue, and the...
  • [Day 2] | Burma | Commons debates
    Will the hon. Gentleman explain why it is that we have an £82 billion deficit with the other 27 members of the European Union, according to the Office for National Statistics?
  • [Day 2] | Burma | Commons debates
    Will my right hon. Friend also bear in mind the manner in which laws are made in Europe? They are made behind closed doors in the Council of Ministers with no proper record of who votes, how and...