Wednesday, April 24, 2019
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Bill Cash MP
for Stone

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Bill Cash strongly condemns decision to give go-ahead for Aston by Stone wind mast


 Press release 23/06/2010

Stone MP Bill Cash has strongly condemned the decision of the Planning Inspectorate in giving the go-ahead for the planning permission for the erection of a 60 metre high wind monitoring mast for a period of two years on land at Aston Hall Farm.
“It has long been our concern that Severn Trent Water would win this Planning Appeal after Stafford Borough Council initially refused the application.
“I will continue to work with ‘Stone & Trent Valley Opposed to Severn Trent Water’ campaign group, and particularly Paul Shaw, Keith Washington, Kev Ryder and all local residents who have opposed this wind mast.
“I objected to the proposed mast on the grounds that it is in an entirely unsuitable location, it threatens public access, it is a monstrous obstacle on the skyline, and shows little concern for the landscape, listed buildings, wildlife and biodiversity.
"On top of that, wind power generation is highly inefficient and loaded with subsidies and we simply cannot afford to allow this renewables energy policy to carry on in the long-term.”

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