Saturday, April 20, 2019
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Bill Cash MP
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Bill Cash MP continues fight for A50 noise barrier at Blythe Bridge

 Press release 27/10/09

Following calls from constituents for the extension of the noise barrier fencing along the A50, and Mr. Cash’s correspondence with Connect, as contracted by the Highways Agency to carry out works, Bill Cash said:
“I have received correspondence from the contractor, Connect A50 Limited, involved in the works on noise fencing along the A50.
“Although it is clear that the Government and Highways Agency are still to let us know their decision on noise barrier fencing at Blythe Bridge, and the letter from Connect A50 refers to funding constraints, the contractor has made it clear to me that since they have recently completed the replacement works, they do have contractors in place who have knowledge of the location and constraints of the work required and that they would be pleased to work with the Highways Agency to do this additional work.
“There are obvious and practical reasons for the extension to go ahead. We now need the Government and Highways Agency's approval for us to go ahead with the A50 extension of sound barrier fencing, which I should point out, was initially promised to those residents anyway.”
“I continue to strongly support my constituents who want the installation of the new sound barrier fencing to be extended to include their properties within Blythe Bridge.”

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