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Bill Cash MP
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Bill Cash MP calls on Government for a full independent inquiry on Mid Staffs NHS Foundation Trust so bereaved can make greater contribution than “tell their stories”

 Press release 16/12/09

Bill Cash had written to Health Minister, Mike O’Brien MP, on 3rd December putting forward concerns raised by the Cure the NHS campaign group relating to Dr. Robson’s independent casenote reviews, asserting that the situation “is very serious” and urged the Minister to push for a full and independent inquiry under the Inquiries Act 2005.
Mike O’Brien replied, insisting that the current inquiry “is providing the opportunity for patients, families and staff to tell their stories.” His letter stated:
"I am pleased that the Inquiry we announced in July is providing the opportunity for patients, families and staff to tell their stories and I look forward to the conclusions of Robert Francis, which will mark a further step in learning the lessons of this distressing episode. I have repeated several times that if there is a need for a public inquiry with its powers of compulsion of witnesses, Ministers will consider any request from Robert Francis."
Mr. Cash said, “Although it is certainly the case that those who have suffered, or bereaving and who have lost loved ones do have the opportunity to tell their stories in this setting, we ought to be doing more than that. The hospital ought to be learning real and practical lessons otherwise it is not a real inquiry. Proper lessons are not going to be learned because we need an inquiry under the Inquiries Act 2005, under which we can learn of greater and systemic failures and how they can be fixed for the long term.”

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