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Bill Cash vows to fight Aston Grange wind farm proposals

Press release 28/07/09       

Local MP, Bill Cash spoke last night at a packed meeting relating to the Aston Grange wind farm proposals, attended by David Kidney MP and Stafford Borough Councillor Frances Beatty as well as Severn Trent and their planning consultants.
Cash slammed the proposals on environmental and planning grounds and also on the grounds that wind turbines are inefficient, uneconomic and based on massive subsidies and which – far from being environmentally friendly or a sustainable source of energy – spoil the landscape, damage the local community, and drive down house prices which is already happening in the neighbouring vicinity on a serious scale.
Cash quoted Professor Dieter Helm, Professor of Energy Policy at the University of Oxford and also Sir David King, former chief science advisor to Tony Blair’s Government, both of whom have been extremely critical of wind farm proposals and quoted other issues, demonstrating the case against wind turbines. He said that he would support the Burstonwind Action group in opposing the proposals. Bill Cash also insisted that there should be an Environmental Impact Assessment and was glad to note that the Staffordshire Wildlife Trust and the Ramblers Association are supporting those concerns.

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