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Bill Cash supports dairy farmers over industry concerns in Slindon meeting

Press release 05/08/09       

Local MP, Bill Cash met with dairy farmers from across Staffordshire in Slindon village yesterday evening. Before the parliamentary recess, Cash had put down an Early Day Motion (EDM 1724) calling for the Government to address the serious problems faced by the UK dairy industry. The EDM reads: 
“That this House notes the severe problems facing the UK dairy industry; is dismayed by the collapse of the co-operative, Dairy Farmers of Britain; and urges the Government to support those numerous producers affected, whilst also requesting urgent action to be taken in tightening up EU and UK labelling requirements on all products of animal origin including dairy products, particularly cheese, so that misleading labelling is stamped out and that consumers can make informed choices about the dairy products they buy, and can clearly identify the country in which the animal was reared, and raw material produced and processed.”
Bill Cash MP said “The Government must recognise that there are severe problems facing the UK dairy industry, and following the collapse of the co-operative, Dairy Farmers of Britain, the Government is obliged to support the affected producers.
Cash reasserted his view at the meeting in support of local dairy farmers and stated that they needed urgent Government help at this time. On the same day, the Competition Commission stated that they would press for an Ombudsman to arbitrate between suppliers and farmers and the supermarkets, which would ensure a fairer price for milk. Cash reaffirmed his commitment to the dairy farming industry and also to the eradication of TB.

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