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Bill Cash MP says Treasury’s cost of EU membership point to “a new deal”

Press release 25/08/09       

Following the Treasury announcement on the cost of EU membership, the leading Eurosceptic MP in the House of Commons, Bill Cash MP said:
“I expect that although the appalling Treasury figures now say that the cost of being in the European Union has risen from £53 per UK household in 2004 to £260 from next year, the truth is that the costs are much higher.
“Do the Treasury figures, for example include in their assessment the financial costs of damage done to small businesses every year by business regulation? I would be very surprised if they did.
“However, given that on the Government’s own terms, EU membership costs will now rise to £6.4bn from £4.1bn next year, equating to a rise of almost 60 per cent, should they now come clean. Now is the time to sit down at the Treasury and say – we do not want to be part of this failed, uneconomic debt-ridden European political body, which has now taken almost complete legislative control over Westminster and instead, we want a new deal.”
“It is a time for a new deal, beginning with the withdrawal of the instruments of ratification of the Lisbon Treaty, and ending with a Europe consisting of a democratic association of nation states, far removed from our existing binds within the European superstate.”
“Following the statement by a spokesman for the Treasury that the increase had been fully and openly discussed in Parliament, that is simply wrong.
"As for the Prime Minister insisting that it is right for us to share the burden of membership of the European Union with the new accession countries, I believe he is as alone in making that decision as he is with every decision he has made in recent months."

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