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Sir Bill Cash MP – Cheadle Hospital beds

Thursday, 8 September, 2016

In relation to North Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent clinical commissioning groups pursuing their intention to stop commissioning two community ‘Step Down’ wards at Cheadle Hospital, Cheadle MP, Sir Bill Cash said –
“I have been calling on the Secretary of State and the Clinical Commissioning Groups to listen to the serious local concerns being expressed and to find an alternative solution so that these beds do not close at Cheadle Hospital.
“The Trust itself took over responsibility for the beds at Cheadle hospital just this year as they believed they could make a real, positive difference to patient flow and access to local hospital beds, so the recent decision by the clinical commissioning groups to close Cheadle Hospital beds does not make sense.
“A hard and concerted effort has been made in Staffordshire to deliver the benefits of an integrated health service between acute and community, which is not at all consistent with the policy of closing beds at Cheadle hospital. 
“It is not right to close bed based capacity especially given the high number of patients waiting in the acute Trust to access bed based services in the community and the well-known predicted increase in demand during the winter months.
“I strongly disagree with the Clinical Commissioning Groups in planning for Cheadle bed based services to close by the end of this month and I am urging them to save Cheadle Hospital.
“I am gravely concerned for patients who require full time care after their treatment, and where they will now be expected to go if Cheadle Hospital can no longer make provision for them.
“In a situation whereby patients require a stopover between hospital and home after surgery or treatment, there must at the very least be a hospital which can offer them a bed and the necessary treatment.”

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