Wednesday, April 24, 2019
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Bill Cash MP
for Stone

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Stafford Hospital must continue to serve constituents – a full statement needed to support latest conclusions

Press release: 11/12/2012

Following news that an independent team of experts has advised Monitor that it is likely to conclude that Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust is unable to achieve long term financial or clinical sustainability in the current form, Stone MP, Bill Cash said:
“Stafford Hospital must continue to serve my constituents, offering emergency and acute services.
“It is imperative that experts advising Monitor release their report demonstrating the basis for why they believe the Trust is unable to achieve its longer term financial or clinical sustainability in its current form.
“I have written to Monitor asking if they can release the report which is due out next year.
“Without that report, I am puzzled as to why we are told that the Trust faces problems with its long term sustainability yet not presented with the underlying evidence or rationale for why they hold that view. A full statement is required.
“The work of the Stafford Hospital Working Group already demonstrates that the need for these services in the areas served by the hospital will continue to increase in the coming years.”

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