Wednesday, April 24, 2019
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Bill Cash MP
for Stone

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Bill Cash MP “delighted” at Staffords’ name

Press release: 12/11/2012

Following news that the Mercian Regiment is now set to change its official title to include the Staffords’ name, MP for Stone, Bill Cash said:
“After meeting the Secretary of State for Defence and through personal correspondence with him, I am delighted to have been able, along with other Staffordshire MPs, to secure and save of the name of the Staffords in recognition of its historic courage and bravery on the field of battle for centuries.
“I pay tribute to the media and constituency pressure to save the Staffords’ name and local initiatives such as petitions of my constituents, which has led to retaining the names of the Staffords’.
“It was important to establish that the Staffords have been pre-eminent since the early 18th century in military valour and reputation and recognised as such in having a very special identity. As I have said, there is no Order of Battle without the Staffords. 
“I was at the forefront of the successful ‘Save the Staffords’ campaign in 1991, when, on behalf of my constituents, I successfully opposed in the House of Commons the then Government’s proposal to amalgamate the Staffordshire Regiment with the Cheshire Regiment.”

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