Wednesday, March 21, 2018
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Bill Cash MP
for Stone

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Bill Cash MP addresses North Staffs Pensioners’ Convention – and seeks views relating to draft Care and Support Bill

Press release 01/10/2012

Addressing the community organisation, the North Staffs Pensioners’ Convention (NSPC) this morning, Stone MP Bill Cash, discussed the Government’s publishing of its ‘Caring for our future’ White Paper and the draft Care and Support Bill. 
Cash said:
“It is vital that my constituents have a care and support system that provides reassurance they need about what would happen to them if they become frail and vulnerable in the future. 
There is now only a matter of weeks left to comment on the draft Care and Support Bill and for my constituents to have their say on the largest overhaul of the law around adult care and support in 60 years.
It aims to transform the social care system to focus on prevention and the needs and goals of people requiring care.
The letters received on the draft Bill will feed directly into the process of parliamentary scrutiny. They will be used to assist and challenge the government in considering how to improve the proposals in the draft Bill.
If any of my constituents have any views in relation to the Government’s recent proposals, then I would be grateful if they would write to me with any representations and I will take those matters up with the Secretary of State."
The current Department of Health deadline is 19 October 2012 when the Department consultation ends. See:

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