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Bill Cash presses water and sanitation concerns on World Water Day

Press release 22 March 2011

Bill Cash MP marked World Water Day today at an event in Parliament co-hosted by the All Party Parliamentary Group for Water and Sanitation in the Third World, of which he is the Chairman, along with the All Party Group on Environment and Development. 

The first event was titled ‘Water: a resource under threat’ and heard various speakers from Freshwater Action Network, Tearfund, WWF UK, and Progressio.
During the meeting, Bill Cash said that he had been and would continue to take up vital concerns over water and sanitation with the Secretary of State. He then went out to Victoria Tower Gardens for an event, hosted by Wateraid, to raise awareness of the issue in which a lack of water and sanitation traps people in a vicious circle of disease, lost life chances and poverty.
Cash also co-signed the Early Day Motion with other MPs which states:
“That this House welcomes World Water Day taking place on 22 March; considers access to clean water and sanitation vital for a healthy life; acknowledges that for every 1 invested in water and sanitation there is an economic return of 8; recognises that one in three people globally still lack access to basic sanitation and one in eight people are without access to safe drinking water; notes the severe negative impact this has on human health, education and livelihoods; further notes that diarrhoea is the biggest killer of children under five years in Africa, and that in India over 600 million people defecate in the open; recognises that there is a need for urgent and substantial progress against the water and sanitation Millennium Development Goal targets; and urges the Government to increase significantly its ambition for the sector commensurate to the scale of the global crisis, and play an essential leadership role in Sanitation and Water for All by encouraging further donor countries to sign up.”
Bill Cash said:
“Having spoken to my constituent Sheryl Greentree from the charity Water for Africa only a matter of days ago on the importance of this issue, it is clear we must seriously address the problem. We must make clear the message because globally 4,000 children die every day from water and sanitation-related diseases. Globally 2.5 billion people are without somewhere safe to go to the toilet, while almost 900 million are without safe drinking water.”
Bill Cash World Water Day 2011

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