Saturday, April 20, 2019
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Bill Cash MP
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Bill Cash MP fights for recognition of contamination and wildlife concerns at proposed Blythe Park power station site

Press release 19/10/09

Following constituent’s concerns that the proposed site for Blythe Park power station may be on contaminated land and wildlife concerns, Bill Cash asked local authorities and the Environment Agency to recognise those concerns, as the proposal for the power station goes forward. Cash said:
“As a result of my investigations on behalf of my constituents, I have received two letters today. The first is from the Environment Agency. The Agency has said that the issues of contaminated land, biodiversity and wildlife concerns – which I had raised earlier – should be addressed in an Environment Impact Assessment. It has gone on to say that it will review the impact assessment in due course, and will provide further comments on any specific areas of concern.
“The letter I have received from Staffordshire Moorlands District Council confirms that there are indeed issues over contamination as a result of its former use as a colour works. My constituents were right to raise this serious concern and further investigations are needed. Given that this site is on the Council’s list of sites for concern due to contamination, this proposal must go no further.”
“I also note the view of the Council’s planning officers in not supporting this application, but it now falls to the Department of Energy and Climate Change to determine the application and they must reject this proposal immediately.”

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