Wednesday, February 20, 2019
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Bill Cash MP
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Bill Cash urges Environment Agency to look into flooding concerns at proposed Blythe Park power station site

Press release 08/10/2010

In response to recent correspondence from the Environment Agency, local MP Bill Cash said:

"There have been serious concerns raised by many of my constituents over how a Government agency could reassign the proposed power station site from what we understood was a significant risk to being of little or no risk at all. Earlier flood maps indicated the risks.
"We have been disturbed by the Environment Agency dropping their objections to flooding and the Villagers Voice Staffordshire Moorlands group have already had a meeting with an Agency official on Monday to address the concerns. Evidence has also been sent indicating that this is a flood plain and an alternative site must be found.
"We need to get to the bottom of this and I will be writing to the Chief Executive of the Environment Agency urging them to address the discrepancies and problems in flood maps which have been provided for the Blythe Park site."

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