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Bill Cash presents petition to Staffordshire Moorlands District Council over Cheadle phone mast


Press release 20/08/10
Today, MP for Cheadle, Bill Cash handed over a petition of over 300 residents to Staffordshire Moorlands District Council urging them to reject Vodafone’s submitted Lawful Development Certificate which the company is seeking so it can erect a phone mast in Brookhouse Way, Cheadle. 
Vodafone’s original application for permission to erect a mast was refused in February 2009 by Staffordshire Moorlands District Council – within the required deadline under Prior Approval Planning rules.
Cash said:
“The Council’s original decision was welcomed by my constituents, who had objected vigorously against the proposed mast for several reasons, in particular its visual impact and the damaging effect it would have on house values in the area and its close proximity to family homes.
“On behalf of my local constituent’s campaign group, Cheadle Mast Action Group, I have sent a petition signed by over 300 residents who live and work in the immediate vicinity of the targeted site for the above mast – which urges the Council to reject the Lawful Development Certificate that Vodafone has submitted.
“I have contacted the Chief Executive of Vodafone to inform them of our opposition and I have also asked Cheadle Town Council for their support.”

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