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The closure of Stone Post Office

 Press release 06/07/2011

Bill Cash said:
“I have been informed that the post office in Stone is closed ‘until further notice’ and I am very concerned for my constituents who need access to vital services, including for the collection of pensions or other payments and cannot simply travel on to other post offices at Tittensor, Eccleshall or Stafford.
“I take the gravest exception to what has happened and I immediately contacted the Government minister to ask what funds are available to fill the gap.
“Given this very critical situation, I have contacted Stafford Borough Council and urged them into negotiations to do whatever is necessary to put a new service in place.”

Bill Cash welcomes immediate intervention over cyanide fish-deaths

Press release 15/10/09

In response to the River Trent cyanide incident, Bill Cash MP said: “I welcome the fact that the Environment Agency is carrying out thorough investigations and that they will seek to prosecute those responsible for polluting the River Trent with cyanide, killing thousands of fish.
“I am appalled that the survey of a stretch of the River Trent at Stone, following last week’s pollution incident, found almost no evidence of living fish.”
“I also await the outcome of a thorough laboratory analysis and the overall view determining the level of impact on the fish in our local river.”

Bill Cash vows to fight Aston Grange wind farm proposals

Press release 28/07/09       

Local MP, Bill Cash spoke last night at a packed meeting relating to the Aston Grange wind farm proposals, attended by David Kidney MP and Stafford Borough Councillor Frances Beatty as well as Severn Trent and their planning consultants.
Cash slammed the proposals on environmental and planning grounds and also on the grounds that wind turbines are inefficient, uneconomic and based on massive subsidies and which – far from being environmentally friendly or a sustainable source of energy – spoil the landscape, damage the local community, and drive down house prices which is already happening in the neighbouring vicinity on a serious scale.
Cash quoted Professor Dieter Helm, Professor of Energy Policy at the University of Oxford and also Sir David King, former chief science advisor to Tony Blair’s Government, both of whom have been extremely critical of wind farm proposals and quoted other issues, demonstrating the case against wind turbines. He said that he would support the Burstonwind Action group in opposing the proposals. Bill Cash also insisted that there should be an Environmental Impact Assessment and was glad to note that the Staffordshire Wildlife Trust and the Ramblers Association are supporting those concerns.

Bill Cash thrilled that Wedgwood Museum wins £100,000 Art Fund Prize 2009

Press release 19/06/09        

Local MP, Bill Cash is thrilled that Wedgwood Museum has won the £100,000 Art Fund Prize 2009 – the UK’s largest single arts prize – which was announced last night at the Royal Institute of British Architects in London.
Bill Cash has taken an active interest in the Wedgwood Museum and regards it as “one of the great jewels in the crown of British Museums.”
Mr. Cash went on to say: “The Art Fund Prize is there to honour this great original Museum and it is a huge tribute to the vast number of people who made this happen. The Museum only opened last October following the hard work of the Wedgwood Museum Trust who spent so much time and effort in order to raise funds to build it.”

Bill Cash supports dairy farmers over industry concerns in Slindon meeting

Press release 05/08/09       

Local MP, Bill Cash met with dairy farmers from across Staffordshire in Slindon village yesterday evening. Before the parliamentary recess, Cash had put down an Early Day Motion (EDM 1724) calling for the Government to address the serious problems faced by the UK dairy industry. The EDM reads: 
“That this House notes the severe problems facing the UK dairy industry; is dismayed by the collapse of the co-operative, Dairy Farmers of Britain; and urges the Government to support those numerous producers affected, whilst also requesting urgent action to be taken in tightening up EU and UK labelling requirements on all products of animal origin including dairy products, particularly cheese, so that misleading labelling is stamped out and that consumers can make informed choices about the dairy products they buy, and can clearly identify the country in which the animal was reared, and raw material produced and processed.”
Bill Cash MP said “The Government must recognise that there are severe problems facing the UK dairy industry, and following the collapse of the co-operative, Dairy Farmers of Britain, the Government is obliged to support the affected producers.
Cash reasserted his view at the meeting in support of local dairy farmers and stated that they needed urgent Government help at this time. On the same day, the Competition Commission stated that they would press for an Ombudsman to arbitrate between suppliers and farmers and the supermarkets, which would ensure a fairer price for milk. Cash reaffirmed his commitment to the dairy farming industry and also to the eradication of TB.

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