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Bill Cash supports constituents over Norton Bridge rail plans – and takes up concerns with Secretary of State for Transport

Press release 20/09/2010

Further to Network Rail writing to residents in the Chebsey area in line with the development of proposals for the main line in the vicinity of Norton Bridge and local residents being consulted on early land investigations, MP for the Norton Bridge area, Bill Cash said: 

“My constituents have clear objections to the way in which they have been consulted and in particular there is confusion over what the specific proposals are and why some have received no letter at all. I support my constituents in their concerns and objections and in fact I spoke with the Chairman of Chebsey Parish Council almost as soon as Network Rail issued their letters to residents.
“The enquiries have justifiably worried my constituents who feel that this may be the first step towards Compulsory Purchase Orders and whether we were about to have a high-speed railway line running through the Norton Bridge area. We must have all the necessary information.
“A recent response to my earlier letter from Network Rail seems to suggest that this scheme relates to improving junctions, signalling and track improvements. It is stated that talks have been held with Stafford Borough Council and Staffordshire County Council and there is a timetable for consultation.
“I have written to the Chief Executive of Network Rail to arrange a meeting and I am also pursuing the matter with Staffordshire County Council and Stafford Borough Council.
“I have taken up my constituents concerns with the Secretary of State for Transport given the serious concern that these proposals relate to the existing national plans for a new high speed rail line between London and the West Midlands and high speed rail services linking London, northern England and Scotland.”

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