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Bill Cash thrilled that Wedgwood Museum wins £100,000 Art Fund Prize 2009

Press release 19/06/09        

Local MP, Bill Cash is thrilled that Wedgwood Museum has won the £100,000 Art Fund Prize 2009 – the UK’s largest single arts prize – which was announced last night at the Royal Institute of British Architects in London.
Bill Cash has taken an active interest in the Wedgwood Museum and regards it as “one of the great jewels in the crown of British Museums.”
Mr. Cash went on to say: “The Art Fund Prize is there to honour this great original Museum and it is a huge tribute to the vast number of people who made this happen. The Museum only opened last October following the hard work of the Wedgwood Museum Trust who spent so much time and effort in order to raise funds to build it.”

Bill Cash MP “saddened” by rail deaths – and takes up safety concerns with Secretary of State, Network Rail, the Office of Rail Regulation and the British Transport Police

 Press release: 19/10/2012

In relation to the news of four deaths where people have been struck by trains on the rail lines near to Barlaston, the MP for Stone, Bill Cash said:
“I am saddened to hear of the recent incidents and have been in contact with the Secretary of State, Network Rail, the Office of Rail Regulation and the British Transport Police to look into the specific details and safety concerns relating to each case. I have asked them to report back as soon as possible.
“I am also in correspondence with the Law Commission as they are making recommendations regarding railway crossings.
“I have had a series of meetings, including by the track-side, with a number of officials over the past few years relating to rail incidents in my constituency, which have regrettably included fatalities, and I have made representations on rail safety with the Office of Rail Regulation.
“We are faced with a very serious and tragic situation and I would welcome representations from my constituents and request them to write to me if they wish to do so.”

Bill Cash MP welcomes rail regulator’s response and demands London Midland and Government act on Barlaston and Wedgwood safety fencing

 Following ongoing correspondence to ensure rail safety fencing is installed at Barlaston and Wedgwood stations, Bill Cash MP said:

“I welcome a letter I received today from the Office of Rail Regulation stating that London Midland cannot prevent access at Barlaston and Wedgwood stations until they agree service level changes with the Department of Transport. We are urgently pushing for those discussions to be concluded. The safety fencing must be put up.
“I had already received a positive letter from Transport minister, Paul Clark, addressing this situation so I am hoping that the fencing can be erected soon.
“I have now written to London Midland and the Department for Transport, urging them to take forward their discussions on agreed service level changes so that we can have the necessary safety fencing at Barlaston and Wedgwood stations.”
Press Release 09/11/09

Bill Cash MP welcomes London Midland’s rail safety fencing but questions adequacy

Press release 13/11/09

 Following ongoing correspondence to ensure rail safety fencing is installed at Barlaston and Wedgwood stations, Bill Cash MP said:
 “After several meetings and ongoing correspondence with the relevant authorities, I welcome London Midland’s letter to me stating that they take all safety matters extremely seriously and they can no confirm that they have fenced off the areas in question.”
 “At the same time, I would have to question the adequacy of the measures they have put in place. I am told the fencing is of poor quality with wooden struts acting as a simple barrier to prevent people from walking on to the trackside.
 “This needs to be investigated further because I originally called for safety fencing on the basis that it really must ensure the safety of constituents and those passing through our area.”

Bill Cash MP seeks solutions to saving Wedgwood Memorial College in Barlaston

 Press Release 14/12/2011

In response to Stoke on Trent City Council announcing plans to close Wedgwood Memorial College last month as part of a package of budget measures to save £24m, Bill Cash MP has made the following statement:
“I am aware that there are serious concerns for the closure, that after 66 years it will be a considerable educational and social loss, that the closing of the college itself carries costs, that it will mean Barlaston buildings will be boarded up and that in any case such properties may sit on the market for years after closure.
“I have taken up campaigners’ concerns and those of my local constituents with Stoke on Trent City Council and the Secretary of State because the closure is not in the interests of the local community or those involved with the college and we must look to resolving the underlying problems.”

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